SASMIA and DEFF have worked together since the inception of the sector to develop and support research on the squid sector. This research provides guidance to the Scientific Working Group in setting the Total Allowable Effort and the permit conditions applicable to the sector. Industry and the scientific community raise funds to cover research during the closed seasons and have a Research Committee which then monitors and approves the various areas of study.

The squid research fund was set up in 1990 and has operated successfully since then and given rise to a significant body of scientific knowledge on the South African squid sector. The rules of the fund and the way in which it works were formalised in 2003.

The funding of research is generated by the industry through the provision of two vessels each year to assist the scientists during the October-November closed season when most of the research and surveys work is conducted. The vessels tender to have the opportunity to do so, with the proceeds of the tender going into the research fund and providing support for the research to be undertaken. In return each vessel is allowed to catch 10 tons of fish in order to cover the costs of assisting with the research.

The rules of the fund are enclosed – will send attachment to link to.
The tender process explanation and documentation is enclosed – will send attachment to link to.
There is a link to the Resource Repository, where we have a list of all research conducted via the Fund as well as links to the resultant papers and documentation produced from the research.